The teachers


Vassilis Mpoussios

Graduate from the Pedagogic Academy Tripoli. Training SELDE of Larissa and PEK of Larissa. It served in schools of Grevenas and Deskati. It resides in Larissa. It deals with the Computers from 1986. It has watched, long duration, training seminars on the subject the Computers. He serves in the School fifteen (15) years.
Manufacture animations, multimedia applications, ComputerGraphics and DesktopPublishing, is things that him interest. Organisation of two (2) meetings: " INFORMATION OF TECHNOLOGY IN  PUBLIC SCHOOLS" and "INTERNET IN OUR LIFE AND IN SCHOOL", in Larissa. Rapporteur in meetings of School Advisers, for the Information technology in the Public school. ¢rcra in newspapers and magazines. Second Reward (with pecuniary reward) from the Linguistic Company Academy Athens-for his folklore work.


Anna Daskalou

She graduated from the Pedagogical Academy of Thessaloniki. She graduated too from the college of Electronics of the Technical School of Thessaloniki (TEI of Thessaloniki). She has done her practical at OTE.(Organization of HellenicTelecommunications). She teaches ten years now. For some years she teached drawing in Preliminary schools of Larissa. Her hobbies are sketching and drawing. She is interested in using computers and internet in education. She is married and has two sons who study in preliminary school. She has born and lives in Larissa 


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