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This school year (2002-03) our School has 2 teachers. It is built in a very beautiful - amphitheatrically locality in the northern end of village, in a space of four acres, with big - green - shady trees.
It is accommodated in two wings of school installations. The one wing  was built in 1951 and the other in 1996. In this wing it is accommodated and Rachoula΄s Kindergarten.
 More than 150 acres belong to our school, which the School Committee developed making it irrigated with drilling. Consequently, it has sufficiency and satisfy completely its functional needs, from the past till our days. The state does not subsidise it.
During the school year 1997-98, we were supplied with two  Computers  "PENTIUM II" at  233 MHZ  and with all the essential peripherals at the expense of School Committee's income. During the school
year (2000-2001) we were provided with two more computers "PENTIUM III" and we have created a network for common use of files, printers and communal connection at the internet. We were also provided with a second coloured printer inject. Τhe students of the 3rd-4th and 5th-6th classes are educated at the the handling of Computers and in the use of educational applications and Internet.

We use computers at the teaching of almost all courses, as a general  mean of teaching. At our School we also create simple educational multimedia applications.
Our School promotes the use of New Technologies organizing training meetings for schoolteachers. Up to today we have realised two which were very successfull. This year we will realise one more about: "THE MUNICIPAL SCHOOL IN THE SOCIETY OF INFORMATION". (MUNICIPAL CONSERVATOIRE LARISSA).

This year (22 February 2003) we will realise at the "HATZIGIANNEIO INTELLECTUAL CENTRE OF LARISSA" another one training meeting, on the subject: "EXPLOITATION OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN THE MUNICIPAL SCHOOL" with academic rapporteurs.

At the end of each school year, the web pages of this school site are given in a CD as souvenir, to the alumnus students.

school year (2003-04) in our school study 18 students.

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